Silence is one of the places-things-moments we constantly want to evade from.

Most interestingly is that, although it cannot be touched or played easily, there is no man on the face of the Earth that does not know or represent the silence. There is no man no having the need or wish for, at least, a moment or a drop of silence.

Ignite your though, your word, your deed, your day and action from the silence of your mind. Allow its fullest, rich, potent and indefinite potential show in the stillness mirror your path, your way, the experience of your soul and not of your wounds. Silence is the absence of distortions. The absence of movement, agitation, noises.

It is your presence inside your body, in that particular place that creates time. And not the slippery run on the slim cover of a second that just gone by or it is so fragile that it wants to hide in a ball of future-seconds that we can push forward all the time.

Start your intention, your plan, your day from here, from the silence that will withdraw itself gracefully to make room for your creation dressed in emotion, feeling and experience. Return here, in space of the silence every time you feel you are wondering in doubt, stress, confusion. Let the silence guide you back to your own soul. To your own path. To your own choice. To your own creation.

Notice the difference.