Our role can be anything: parent, manager, friend, wife, mother, sun, priest, confident, guide, employee, entrepreneur. How close are we to the true role we really have through our life?

When we are caught up in the todays’ pragmatic “meanders”, with well-defined real critical situations and problems to solve, our survival instinct takes control and we tend to forget something; we forget that, above these smaller or bigger problems in our surroundings, we are multidimensional beings with one single and main purpose: to create.

We are part of the creative source of the Universe. We create in every second. We create plans, actions, deeds, answers. Creation itself has many facets. We are creators of ideas, of life, of concepts, of buildings, of great plans. Creation has infinite possibilities to manifest itself. Most often, we are not even aware of our creations.

The moments we become aware are the moments when we get recognition, appreciation; the moments when our creation finds its meaning and comes back to us in the form of energy. When our heart fills with that magic mix of fulfillment, euphoria and happiness. We become aware of our role of creators when we feel our soul at the size of a planet. When we feel the taste of the infinite. And those moments of total well being are overwhelming. Our little body is not prepared to receive that much. We feel that what we feel does not fit entirely within our limited body vehicle. Our cells are better trained for critical situations, for shortage, rather than for the sublime. And even when we taste this infinite feeling, we are not aware of the size, force and plenitude of our creators’ power. If we would need to fit everything inside our body, it would explode. It is too small for what we can be.

Maybe this is the reason, in order to stay protected, happiness comes in small portions. Maybe our body is not designed to handle love, fulfillment, infinite power. During our earthly existence, our body contains only a little part of the divine. We get at birth an unique physical identity. And this send us back into error. Years and years in a row we wish to be different, unique, special. When in fact, every divine part out of every human being comes from the very same source.

And every small part is permanently connected with the whole it originally came from. The earthly dimension is just one of the many dimensions. But our power to create comes from the infinite possibilities we can choose from. We can give the divine further on the scale of time and space. We can create life. We can seed feelings into somebody else. We can plant seeds that will grow within ourselves our others. We can create ides, communities, cities. Our creations transcend our minuscule body, the temporal dimension of an earthly life and its instinctual needs. Our creations live for centuries; they contain and transmit universal messages. Being it about our children and grandchildren, about grand cathedrals facing time, about art that sends shivers for thousand years to millions, about timeless music, about bridges connecting continents, about surprising technologies, about space conquering shuttles, our creations are a part of the same much more than a simple three-dimensional body.

It is easy for us to believe in separation because it is hard to imagine the infinite. Breaking it down in small pieces, linear paths, we can sketch divinity out of mosaic. We manage to imagine God as Human, because our mind cannot envelope it in another way.

But every time we cross the linear mind barrier, we can have a taste of the infinite. We can feel the way it flows into our heart. The way it fills every cell with energy. The way happy tears erupt from feeling too much. We can have a taste of “too much”. We can feel the fulfillment of our true role. The role of creators.


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