About me

I always had a deep passion for the fascinating world of the human beings. I dedicated the last 8 years to study, feel, understand and apply the role of the personal development and spirituality in our evolution as infinite human beings. I had my personal breakthrough which led me beyond my barriers. It was my personal rebirth. I rediscovered the joy, the freedom and the miracle of being alive. That was the moment when I promised myself to help as many people as I can to find that place inside them, which makes them living. Fully.

A few words about me

I am a simple, joyful human being who chose to live the happiness of each moment. Through all my business experience, during working for more than 15 years in top local or multinational companies like Lasselsberger Group, LG Electronics, Fujitsu Ltd. and more, I always worked with people. I built up and managed teams, I motivated, coached and trained them, I built relationships with customers, partners and agencies, always trying to see and understand the human being beyond the business man, the parent or the employee.  Helping and coaching people was always something natural.  And when the human being is happy, his life has a meaning, he is more efficient, motivated and creative. So I decided to develop this part more and to help people to find that space in their heart which make them happy and confident. I am a life coach, trainer and counselor and for 7 years now I activate in the fields of personal development, counseling and coaching. I love writing and reading especially on spiritual and personal development topics. I like creating small handmade objects. I like traveling and discovering new places and the history of people living there. I like meeting new people. I get enthusiastic and the story of each person impresses me. I believe everyone has the right to a life full of happiness, joy and love.

My approach

I believe the spiritual is a dimension which enriches our lives and gives us meaning and purpose. So my approach will address this part as an important one. Once the emotional is healed and the different stages and parts of our life are understood and integrated, we realize we are not broken.  I help people to understand the meaning of what they went through, get a different perspective about that and to see the big picture of their lives. Combining different tools, techniques, exercises and approaches from behavioral to integrative psychology, hypnoses, meditation, imagery, projection, regression, emotional healing, I integrate the steps of the coaching journey in a holistic approach having a spiritual dimension which can be very easily applied in the real life. I do not believe in long and painful therapies. I believe in finding the core sources of the blockages, self – sabotage or fears and deactivating them through awareness, re-framing, healing and integration. I am deeply honored to be your guide on this journey to the beauty of your being and my biggest satisfaction is to see you enjoying your life to the fullest.

If you feel to begin your own magical journey, to unlock the higher potential hidden in your DNA with the Gene Keys, please write me at hello@ibiberes.com and we will find the keys to unlock your genius, find your higher purpose, heal your relationships, open your heart, get clarity and let prosperity flow in all the areas of your life.